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iPhone 13 Pro review

The iPhone 13 Pro is the iPhone to buy this year, thanks to features like the 120Hz ProMotion display and 3x telephoto camera, which justify the higher price.


• Display with 120Hz ProMotion
• Great camera with a long battery life


• Slowly charge
• There is no display that is continually on.
• A smaller notch does not improve the situation.
• Expensive

The iPhone 13 Pro is the best of the Apple crop in 2021, with to its 120Hz ProMotion display, improved camera, and two-day battery life – but keep in mind that the best Android rivals still prevail in terms of charging speeds and low-light camera performance.

iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone lineup, the 13 Pro faces a difficult task: it must show itself not only against severe Android competition, but also against the iPhone 13, to justify why someone would pay more for ‘Pro’ capabilities in a phone that is otherwise nearly identical.

Last year’s 12 Pro failed horribly in this test, with the cheaper 12 definitely the better option. The tables have flipped this year, as the 13 Pro appears to be the winner of the iPhone lineup for 2021. Whether this is because Apple has improved the 13 Pro so much or because it has purposefully held back features from the normal 13, your level of cynicism will largely determine your opinion, but the final result is the same: this is the best iPhone this year.

Is the finest iPhone enough these days? Apple has caught up on key ground this year, most notably in some phenomenal improvements to battery life, though those open to switching sides will find stronger still cameras and slicker hardware in the best Android phones. Apple has caught up on key ground this year, though, and those open to switching sides will find stronger still cameras and slicker hardware in the best Android phones.

Design and build

• Stainless steel design of the highest quality
• Excellent water-resistance in a smaller notch

This implies a conspicuous score, made right treated steel sides, and welcome Apple contacts like the material slider to initiate Silent mode.


• Smoother 120Hz refresh rate
• 6.1in with superb colour
• Notch and thick bezel is still available.

For many, the display will be the most compelling reason to upgrade to the 13 Pro – and surely the most compelling reason to buy it over the similar-sized iPhone 13.

Both models offer 6.1-inch displays with HDR, True Tone, and all the usual bells and whistles. Only the Pro (and the larger, 6.7in Pro Max) have increased brightness and a significant upgrade: 120Hz refresh rates, termed ProMotion.

Specs and performance

• The most powerful phone
• Last year’s iPhone 12 Pro 1TB storage option was 25% faster.
• The iPhone range comes with a good chipset, which is not an advantage, with the 5nm A15 Bionic now.

Contrasting iPhone CPUs with Android chips is futile, however neither one of the sides can reject that the iPhone 13 Pro can contend on unadulterated power with any Android telephone available, and frequently outflanks it particularly in specific undertakings like video delivering.

Scores are reliably higher than those of the best Android gadgets from the earlier year, however remember that the framerate hole on graphical tests is smaller than it shows up, as the Android leads have higher goal shows that require more graphical handling power.

Battery and charging

• Two-day battery life is fantastic.
• Wired charging at a slow rate (23W)
• Wireless charging with MagSafe (15W) and Qi (7.5W)

Battery life is one area where Apple has unquestionably fallen behind Android over the previous few years. So you’ll understand why I scowled a little when Apple promised “the best battery life on iPhone ever” this time. Isn’t there some hope here?

Whether it’s the larger battery inside not that Apple discloses battery capacity, efficiency attributable to the dynamic refresh rate and A15 chip, or even software improvements, the final result is the first iPhone in years with good battery life – not just good for an iPhone.

The 13 Pro lasts me two days with light use, though it does get down to the single digits by bedtime on day two. Even with battery degeneration, it still lasts a full day in typical use, and I expect it will do so for another couple of years.


• Since last year, the cameras have been upgraded on a regular basis.
• Even in the sunlight, Cinematic mode impresses with its struggles with harsh light sources.

Software and updates

• iOS 15 out of the container
• New notice the executives apparatuses
• Long haul programming support ensured

The iPhone 13 series are the primary iPhones to transport with iOS 15 – however, obviously, this will currently be accessible to you assuming you’re now on an iPhone(in some measure any from the 6s onwards.

Similar as the iPhone 13 territory itself, the current year’s iOS update rolls out no extreme improvements to the framework, however the updates that are here are welcome ones.

Notice Summary is maybe the greatest improvement, and the following stage in Apple’s continuous endeavors to further develop iPhone warnings – long the stage’s point of concern. Presently you can lump specific warnings – news refreshes, Netflix content drops, or Instagram adherent pings – into rundowns that show up at set spans during the day, leaving hands down the most noteworthy need cautions to spring up the second they’re at first given.