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The most expensive and cheap mobile phones in the world

The most expensive mobile phones in the world

Smartphones have spread generally among clients, as the smartphone has gotten perhaps the main needs for a huge number of clients, because of the administrations that this smart phone gives that saves a ton of time and exertion, and furthermore works with the way toward speaking with all companions and family members anyplace on the planet, as well as accomplishing assignments and numerous different things, so the cell phone has gotten a fundamental in the existence of every one of us, and you may discover a few clients conveying more than one telephone simultaneously in light of the significance of these cell phones enormously.

In this current period, the cost of telephones have expanded in an enormous and misrepresented manner, as the costs of certain telephones have arrived at in excess of 150 thousand Egyptian pounds or 10 thousand US dollars, which are PDAs created by well known portable organizations, for example, Apple, Samsung and other cell phone organizations, however Despite the high expansion in cell phone costs in this period, these costs, regardless of how high, won’t reach and won’t move toward the costs of the most costly telephones on the planet!.

In this subject, we will distinguish perhaps the most costly telephones on the planet, which varies from others as far as the abilities and highlights that it gives, and it is significant that the cost of the telephone isn’t just proof of the capacities of the telephone, however this telephone has an alluring and rich plan more than some other telephone It is additionally outfitted with valuable stones that decorate it’s anything but a great deal, or the telephone might be made of gold or silver.

Tonino Lamborghini Mobile 88 Tauri

From the name of the telephone, it was made by the world-popular Lamborghini organization in the extravagance vehicle industry. The cost of this telephone came to about $ 5200, which is a pricey value contrasted with the remainder of the cell phones, as the plan of the telephone accompanies a screen made of Lamborghini vehicle glass, which is an enemy of break glass, The telephone has ordinary abilities contrasted with its cost, as it accompanies 3 GB RAM, an eight-center processor and a 20-megapixel camera, however point of fact, the cost of the telephone comes on account of its plan.

Mobile Itel A36

It has medium specifications and a very nice price. The price of the phone is only 900 Egyptian pounds or only 60 US dollars. Therefore, it can be considered one of the cheapest smartphones in the world, as it comes with two SIM specifications – 5.5 inch screen, 16 GB storage space, 1 GB RAM, Android, 3G network.

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My name is Michael Emad from Egypt, I am 20 years old. I will try as much as possible to review the latest mobiles and iPhone required to review them before buying from the market.

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